I've been staying with my friend in Kunming over the past 3 weeks and have really enjoyed the vacation. I was definitely a bit burnt out when I left Taipei. I've lost a bit of motivation as far as my rails project is concerned, largely because it was aimed at people learning Chinese in Taiwan and I'm neither in Taiwan, nor learning Chinese (other than a few character simplifications) at the moment.

I'm not sure what compelled me to do it, but I just started on Kongregate.com's tutorials for making flash games. Ever since Sonia showed me her art work and what she could do with flash a couple of years ago, I've had a bit more interest in the subject. Anyway, Kongregate linked to Adobe's free trial version of CS5 Flash and I downloaded it. It's good for 30 days. Interestingly, it says that Actionscript is an ECMA script. I guess that means some skills I pick up will transfer to Javascript once I get back into the rails project.

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