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I'm at the half-way point of my intense JavaScript program. In week six we did some more work with the sequelize ORM and used meteor to make a basic clone of Stack Overflow. On the first day of break I went to Heroku's Waza conference and it was great. I got the T-shirt I'm wearing in the video and a prototype of one of the speakers' table-top games! Some people gave me good feedback on RoboDuel (demoed in the previous video). I've got three topics I'm considering for my personal project to work on during this break. As usual, feedback is welcome!


I've just started getting into meteor, customizing their tutorials, but this technology is awesome! Try this:

  1. Go to my leaderboard page I uploaded and open it in two chrome windows.
  2. Play around incrementing the various scores for each of the scientists. You'll see the other window update almost instantaneously.
  3. Open the JS console (by hitting ctrl-shift-j), and enter Players.insert({name: "Leonardo Davinci", score:60});.

This will update the js in your browser window... and the server will store updates and push them back to the other window! Is that cool or what?

Best of all, is it barely took any code-- html:41 lines, js:61 lines, css:62 lines.

Go to meteor.com to learn more!