I've been getting more and more interested in programming languages ever since I did a prototype of that programmable robot game a couple of weeks ago.

My goal at the time was to solidify what I had learned of Backbone.js and to get some more practice with CoffeeScript. It was a really intense, two-day sprint and I had a great time! At the end, I was at a bit of a dead-end without learning more about how to make an interpreter. Instead of continuing the work on the game, I've returned to a great set of online tutorials for learning about programming languages, and in the process encountered a neat library-- PEG.js.

It's for creating parsers. It can be included in a webpage, it can be installed as a node package (npm install pegjs), and it's got a great online parser tester!

I've started making a PEG for Scheme, with the goal of making a full blown scheme interpreter that will run from inside a blog post. If I can do that, then making a simple language for the robot game should be easy 🙂

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