My third full flash game is finally done! While my last one, Juggle Basher was essentially just a breakout clone, Block Merchant goes beyond the many tetris clones out there. It has different pieces, a new game mechanic of money and a shop which allows you to buy and sell blocks to optimize your set. The programming side of things was definitely a bit harder than the breakout clone, but where I really spent more time was the graphics. I probably put as much time into making the intro screen and the shop screen as into the programming. Fortunately, a fellow konger who goes by zoranac offered to help out with the music. He's been churning out all kinds of music in the Kongregate colabs.

As usual, I've put the game up on Kongregate and set it up to hook into their high scores api so your achievements will get recorded.

Also, see zoranac's blog

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