My second flash game is a breakout clone. It should be very familiar to anyone who ever played Arkanoid, Breakout or other paddle games. It's simple in terms of graphics, but it was much more work for me than the side-shooter I made since I had no stock graphics to work from. The collision detection was also a bit of a headache. Since there are multiple levels and score screens, I tried putting them into different frames instead of keeping everything in a single frame as I had in my first game.

It is a little disappointing to have taken so long to put this online, but life has been busy. My distractions have included moving to Beijing, making a visa run to Mongolia, fending off a beggar who tried to rob me, getting started on my HSK prep classes and a really cool girl I've recently met.

Anyway, the game is up on Kongregate now and if you play it there, it's hooked into their high scores api and your achievements will get recorded.

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  • FB says:

    Hello, Having a hard time loading your new game here. Is it somewhere else as well? I have been enjoying learning how to program again myself. Not nearly as technical as yours. Just fun. Our school gave us a program called scratch which is drag and drop scripting. Can’t wait until real languages use it. I hate hunting typos. Anyway. hope you are having a good day, Here is my program. It isn’t on a revenue earning site or antyghting, just fun.
    Whoops, yours just loaded so I will try it out.

  • Matt Ball says:

    Cool! I still need to get used to avoiding the yellow pills that make the paddle smaller. Back at Colorado University in Boulder, I made a somewhat similar game in Digital 2 class named ‘Arkanerd’, which looked somewhat like Arkanoid except that you had to knock out nerd paraphernalia like pocket protectors, microchips, and nerdy taped glasses.

  • admin says:

    Hey, there guys. I’ve heard lots of cool stuff about scratch and smalltalk is definitely a real language!

    I had a bug in the mochi statistic tracking api usage. That’s why the load time was so slow. It’s also a pretty big swf. Anyway, the game’s up on kongregate now (linked above in the post).